Top 10 Best Arcade Games for Android for 2022

Best Arcade Games for Android:- Arcade games were popular for many years. They are often short and easy to play, with consistent challenges.

They are marked by their increasing difficulty as they progress. Angry Birds is one of the most loved mobile games, followed by Fruit Ninja and Doodle Jump.

It’s a highly addictive and fun experience that players will want to continue playing. Playtimes tend to be shorter than other games and aren’t very deep.

Best Arcade Games for Android

So you can have as much fun as you like, whenever you wish. Mobile arcade games may not be as exciting as the ones that you can find in coin-operated casinos, but they are still fun. Here are the top Android arcade games!

Best Arcade Games for Android #10. Drop Wizard

Slidey touchscreens and arcade games are not good choices. Drop Wiz has been cleverly designed for smartphones.

The platform’s set-up is very similar to the single-screen classics Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros, and Snow Bros. This allows you to dart about and kick roaming enemies. The twist? This magician can’t halt running.

In the beginning, it is confusing to not have full control of your body or a jump-button. You can only sprint left and right and time your jumps to create magic upon landing. Mastery comes down to mastering the choreography at each level. This is a mix of old and fresh.

Best Arcade Games for Android #9. Brawl Stars

BrawlStars, the latest game by Supercell, creators of Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale, is now available. This arcade brawler is quite fun.

You will be competing against several other online players in different game types.

It includes three vs. 3, two vs. two, and one-vs.-one game types, along with many three vs. 3 game types.

It’s a fast game with lots of action. Supercell did well on this one. Supercell has many other games that can be used to kill some time.

Best Arcade Games for Android #8. Dig Dog Treasure Hunter

Dig Dog Treasure Hunter is a fast-paced arcade game. It’s reminiscent of Boulder Dash or Dig Dug.

The title character is a hound that hunts treasure and must navigate through levitating islands. Naturally, these islands are home to many monsters and can be found above spike pits.

Finding the prize, making sure there’s always a way back, and keeping the bad guys away are all part of a dog’s day. Even though you can dig super fast, it’s easy not to see a foe or to move too quickly towards the spikes.

You can still master the game with an easy mode. This allows you to combine old-school cool with modern design.

Best Arcade Games for Android #7. Angry Bird Classic

Let’s say hello to Angry Birds Classic. I’m sure you’ve seen this little game before.

To remove the blocks, however, you will need some birds. There are many different kinds of birds available with different features. The graphics and resolution meet your expectations. We will now examine the most important features.

Best Arcade Games for Android #6. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride – Another popular Arcade Game. This game is mission complete. Dangerous missions will be assigned to you and you must complete them to win. The game’s elegant graphics and high-tech graphics are complemented by the following features.

Best Arcade Games for Android #5. Crossy Road

Crossy Road has been a popular mobile game ever. It’s basically the latest version of Frogger. You can move a character along roads, tracks, rivers, and other areas. The goal is not to be run over, crushed, or drowned.

You have a lot of character choices, as well as online and local multiplayer. Android TV Support, and More.

The game is completely free. You can unlock playable characters, however. It’s not possible to pay for this game. It’s entertaining, family-friendly, and a fine example of an arcade game.

Best Arcade Games for Android #4. Duet

Duet is an entertaining arcade game. You need to rotate two balls around an imaginary axis, and simultaneously avoid falling platforms.

The campaign mode and achievements are included in the full game. The full game offers a few additional game options, more achievements, and more.

This is one among the few good mobile arcade games at $2.99. Many of the others are freemium.

It is still enjoyable, though. Despite its years-old release, fans of the series still enjoy this game.

Best Arcade Games for Android #3. Giant Dancing Toys

Imagine a Godzilla movie. Instead of an angry giant lizard smashing down a city, the Kaiju had style. And rhythm. And scruples. It was a toy. That’s Giant Dancing plushies.

You control the giant cuddly by tapping along to the beat. This is a surreal blend of rhythm action and real-time strategy.

These cuddles love you so much that you will only be able to step on the bad guys who are shooting at you. Because they’re auditioning Giant Plushy, (probably), you must keep up with the beat to earn big points.

You unlock new plushies as you earn enough XP. . It’s guaranteed to make you smile unless is the monster.

Best Arcade Games for Android #2. Forza Street

Forza was one of our top racing games. It turned out to be less about racing and more about the arcade aspects.

It’s technically a racing video game. The car drives by itself, and players tap on the brake and NOS to control drift and speed.

The game features excellent graphics, many cars to use, and even an optional story mode. It’s not quite what we expected but it’s still pretty great.

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Best Arcade Games for Android #1. Subway Surfers

I’m not going to believe you if you claim that you are an Android user, but are not familiar with Subway Surfers. It is absolutely free and one of the top Arcade Games available for Android.

You must rescue Jake, the Inspector’s hero, and his fast, agile dog to win. You will enjoy many of its amazing features, but it is very difficult. Let’s quickly get to the point.

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