10 Best Car Racing Games For Android in 2022

Best Car Racing Games For Android: The excitement and frisson offered by racing games are why they are so popular in the Android games market. Google Play Store is full of the most popular Android car racing game for good reason.

These games offer you the chance to drive your dream car and race against other players on fantasy tracks.

You can also customize the settings to make it even more fun, such as tracks, challenges, levels, and graphics. What else can make you mad than driving your favorite cars on unbelievable tracks?

Best Car Racing Games For Android

This list contains the top 10 most addictive Android games for car racing.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #10. Extreme Car Driving

Extreme car Driving is a great car racing game. You can drive your car at very high speeds. The mini checkpoint mode has been updated with shorter laps and fewer checkpoints.

You can turn your car into a professional racer by using the steering wheel, accelerometer, or multiple cameras.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #9. Car Racing

Racing in Car lets you feel like you’re driving in between some of the most powerful cars. It is the most advanced third-person driving game. You have complete control over every aspect of your car. This includes the handling scheme, the cars’ colors, and the discs.

It’s easy to share your racing strategy and speed with your friends through replays and live cameras. Time attack racing, ghost mode, and other tactics to beat your best races.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #8. Street Racing 3D

Street racing 3D is the top-rated free 3D street racer on iOS and Android. Join the street racing community and become a legend by driving with professional street racers.

Many arcade-style modes allow you to perform incredible stunts. You can race in PVP tracks free of charge and challenge your friend’s life.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #7. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is well-known in racing games because of its dynamic gameplay. Apart from playing car races, you can also perform aero stunts in high-speed, knockdowns, or drifts. You should also use nitrous sparingly.

There are more than 180 events to choose from, and 40 car types. You can also race on various tracks. The game offers multiplayer and solo mode, as well as control options to match your personal preferences.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #6. Forza Street

Forza Street is the ultimate street racing app. Once the app is downloaded, you can select the location you want to race and the favorite car that you wish.

After each race, you will unlock legendary cards at an extreme speed. These cars range from classic to supercars. Point-to-point races are a great way to increase your racing skills.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #5. GT Racing 2

GT Racing allows you to go on a true-to-life automotive journey with the cars of your dreams. The app can be used in both solo and multiplayer modes.

The app features thousands of driving events in a variety of cars from well-known manufacturers. You can join your friends or play randomly with other players to help you achieve common goals.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #4. Drag Racing

Drag racing is a fun and exciting game for hundreds of millions of users across the globe. You can now choose your favorite car and make them racing masterpieces by using the app’s seamless tools.

Online mode racing is where you race against your friends. It allows you to quickly adjust your gears and learn about their pace. This is a real-time competition with nine players.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #3. Asphalt 9: Legend

Gameloft introduced The Asphalt 9: Legends, a new Asphalt racing game that offers a variety of exciting upgrades to the original experience.

Asphalt 9’s new version will be soon available for download on Android. It includes some amazing features like licensed cars, flashy graphics, and in-app purchases.

Asphalt has remained true to its core values, such as its ability and attraction to defeat opponents, treat your eyes with ramps, nitrogenous, and other winning shortcuts.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #2. Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is the most well-known game in the category of car racing. You can drive and earn cash to upgrade your cars. You have the option to choose from 40+ cars in five different environments or five unique modes.

Traffic racer lets you customize your cars and paint. Bonus coins are available for driving in opposite directions and overtaking cars traveling at over 100 km/hr.

Best Car Racing Games For Android #1. CSR Racing

CSR Racing 2 offers a unique experience that is not found in other games. This game is very different than other car racing games. Here you don’t need to steer and accelerate or use brakes but instead can win a race using proper start and timely gear changes.

Even though it sounds less dynamic than modern racing games, it still requires great skills. You may lose the race if it starts too fast. Multiplayer and single-player versions of the game are available.

You may also personalize your car with paint and rims.


Final Thought

These are the best Android car racing apps. They can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store.

These are the 10 best Android car racing games. Choose one or two of them to be your all-time favorite. We are open to suggestions in case we missed any of the most popular racing games on the list.

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