Top 10 Best Free Online Games for Android in 2022

Online Games for Android – Gaming on Android, iPhones, and iPad is becoming more popular every day. The Google Play Store also has tons of apps that allow for multiplayer gaming.

You can interact with people from around the globe. You can also take your smartphone with you, so you can play games while on the move. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best online games for android.

Best Free Online Games for Android in 2022

Best Free Online Games for Android in 2022

Best Online Games for Android #10. Critical Ops

Critical Ops can be described as a highly action-packed First-person shooting game. There are three modes in this game: Gun Game (Deathmatch), Defuse (Defuse), and Deathmatch. In deathmatch, the teams continue fighting until the timer expires. The team with more kills wins.

The Breach team’s aim in Defuse was to defuse and plant the bomb, while the Coalition team tried to stop them. The round ends when either the bomb explodes, or it is defused.

Gun Game has 15 weapons, and each kill counts towards your progress. The player who completes the last level first wins.

Overall, the game has a lot of action and is similar to CS: GO.

Best Online Games for Android #9. Asphalt 9: Legend

Asphalt 9 Legends is Gameloft’s next version of Asphalt. The game plays much the same as the older ones but features exceptional graphics, new cars, and new locations. The ultimate race is on! Players will compete with AI and other players from around the globe to win it.

There are many races and challenges you can undertake. You can also make your own team to play multiplayer games and win a bonus.

Best Online Games for Android #8. Among Us

Among Us was a very popular multiplayer mobile game, which is still being played quite a bit today. You can play with a lot of other players to move around the ship and accomplish different tasks.

One or two of the players become imposters and attempt to kill the whole team. You can personalize the game in many ways. There are also many add-ons that allow you to personalize your character.

You can purchase more add-ons through in-app payments and that’s how the revenue is generated. Although not very kid-friendly it’s quite fun, especially if you get to know everyone in the group.

Best Online Games for Android #7. Crossy Road

Crossy Road, an arcade platformer, is available. Your goal is not to die but cross many roads and streams. Your goal is not to die but to get as far as possible.

It has a range of characters to choose from and also a multiplayer option. The WiFi network allows friends to connect and play together in a shared game.

It supports between two and four players. It is not the strongest multiplayer. It is still family-friendly and fun to play. It’s one of our favorite local multiplayer games.

Best Online Games for Android #6. Genshin impact

MiHoYo has presented Genshin Impact as a critically acclaimed RPG.

Set in Teyvat’s fantasy world, the story tells the story of a twin (referred to as The Traveler) who has traveled all over the world with their twin but was separated from them when Tivat introduced an unknown god.

The game is available online only and features an open-world world and a battle system based on elemental magic and character-switching.

It is free to download the game, but it also includes gacha game monetization that allows players to purchase new characters, weapons, etc.

Best Online Games for Android #5. Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Mobile ranks among the most recently multiplayer games. It’s also surprisingly good. It’s an online FPS with multiple multiplayer modes.

You can also enjoy classic Call of Duty deathmatches or a 100-person battle royale similar to Fortnite.

Some minor gacha elements are also included in the game. For example, you can collect famous gamers from the game series to customize them with weapons and gear skins. There are some minor bugs that may not be immediately apparent, but these will be worked out in the future.

Best Online Games for Android #4. Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5 has to be one of your favorite FPS games. It is very similar to Battlefield and Call of Duty.

You have the option to create your character, choose a campaign mode, and have tons of other features. There is also an online multiplayer option.

You can also use the chat feature to communicate with other players in-game. This is a great option if you are looking for a way to improve or create your strategy.

Graphics are also quite good on this game. The game has been awarded many awards and continues to be a top-rated mobile game.

Best Online Games for Android #3. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most beloved multiplayer games ever on any platform. Once you’re dropped into the randomly generated world, you can do anything you want.

Cross-play with Xbox One and PC is possible. You can play with your friend almost anywhere. The game has three modes: Survival, Realms, and Creativity.

The creative mode won’t allow you to die for any reason. Survival mode can bring out bad guys and a food source, so you could die.

It’s the only place to go if you want console-quality mobile games.

It’s also available as a PC and console version. The game starts at $6.99. The in-app payments can be used for character skins.

Best Online Games for Android #2. Asphalt 8: Airborne

We’ve talked about Asphalt 9 Legends before, but the old version of this incredible series hasn’t stopped.

It remains one of the most successful racing games Asphalt has ever created. It boasts excellent graphics and a wide range of locations all over the globe.

You can also make your own team or play with real-life gamers worldwide. While the game can be downloaded for free, there is some paid-for content.

Best Online Games for Android #1. Pubg Mobile

We are confident that you have heard of PUBG mobile. PUBGM has been downloaded millions on the Play Store since its launch. It continues to hold the top spot in mobile games and is not likely to lose it.

First, you’ll be dropped on an island together with 99 other people playing in real-time. The goal is survival until you win the Chicken Dinner. So that all survivors can come together and find each other, the area you can play in is gradually decreasing.

Tencent, which is responsible for this game, hosts many eSports tournaments all over the globe. It’s possible to make a career out of it if you’re skilled enough.

Final Thought

The games get more powerful each year as phones become more powerful. These games are getting more intense and visually appealing every day, thanks to better graphics, physics, or other elements.

EA Sports and Gameloft are big names that continue to impress every year.

Let’s not forget Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, the two biggest stars of 2015, which have shaken the mobile gaming industry ever since their launch.

Epic Games, Tencent, and Epic Games have a bright future. Epic Games will be releasing more titles over the next few months. You should be keeping an eye on these titles if Battle Royale interests you.

Which of these games is your favorite? Comment below to let us know which game is your favorite.

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