Best offline Games for Android Under 1 GB

Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to know about Best Offline Games for Android, often everyone likes to play games, but most of the time it happens that there are many games apps in Google play store of an Android smartphone, so we are confused. Let’s go to understand which game is good which one should download

Will tell you about the best games android offline which you can play on your mobile comfortably without the internet! You see that there are many better Smartphones in the market now and any customer chooses a smartphone according to their choice.

The special thing is that smartphone companies try to improve the RAM, storage, and graphics in the smartphone. There are also online games in the Google play store so that any user can get a better experience of games, but for these, it is necessary to always have internet connectivity in the smartphone, that is why we like to play offline games more.

Best offline Games for Android Under 1 GB

Today we tell you about the most downloaded games in 2020, which you should also play. Anyway, who does not like to play games? Let us know which are the games that can be played offline.

Best offline games for Android #1. The Wolf Among Us

This is a Best Adventure Game published in 2013! This game was developed by Telltale Games! This is an offline game. The wolf among us is based on the Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham!

In this, the player controls the bigby wolf! Who should investigate the murder of a woman! During the game, the player explores many environments, such as apartments, buildings, and bars, etc.! While exploring an environment, the player may find an object! With whom they can interact!

The 5th episode of this game is on Oct. Published for Microsoft Windows, Play station 3, and Xbox 360 platforms between 2013 and July 2014!

The Wolf Among Us Episode 5:

  1. Faith
  2. Smoke and mirror
  3. A crooked smile
  4. In sheep’s clothing
  5. cry Half

Best offline games for Android #2. Crossy Road

This is a popular Android offline game! Which can be played offline and it is a family-friendly game!

You can also play it in online mode! In this cross-road game, you guide a chicken around the road and other obstacles! This is a fun android offline game!

It has 150 retro-styled characters, online multiplayer and offline support, and much more. You can easily play this game on the screen of Android TV!

After downloading from the Google play store, you have to do game settings and sign in! By doing this, you can analyze whatever progress is in your game!

Best offline games for Android #3. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 This is a Classical Fighting Mobile Game with 40 million users so far shadow fight 2 was developed by nekki! This is a single-player game that can be played offline

The game was released for Android and iOS in 2014 and was ported to the Google Play Store in 2015!

This game lets you equip your character with countless deadly weapons! And it’s a fantastic game that features lifelike live combat technology as well as customizes the fighter with magic!

Best offline games for Android #4. Candy Crush Saga

This is the Best Puzzle Game! This is the game liked by millions of people in the world and it has billions in downloads and if seen, it is the most popular game ever! Sweet candy has to be matched in this, by doing so the target has to be fulfilled!

After that progress has to be made to the next level! Then the more the levels increase, the more tasks also keep on changing! Later you get a chance to blast the chocolate with a combo of 5 sweet candies! It’s a fun game and you can get free tasty rewards by checking out the Daily Spins too!

Based on the level, we also get the task of clearing the jelly! New Fun and Fantastic levels in the Candy crush saga!

Best offline games for Android #5. Asphalt 8 – Car Racing Game

This is a Car Racing video game! And it is liked by many people! It has more than 100 downloads in Google Play, you can do Car Racing with real speed! In this, you can use many types of cars for racing and can also do motorcycle racing!

This is an amazing racing game! In this car can jump during motorcycle racing! This is a single-player and multiplayer game where you can share your racing progress!

Best offline games for Android #6. Temple Run 2

This is one of the funniest games from the best games for android offline! Temple run 2 is the most popular game of all! This is an Android mobile game with over 500m downloads! In this game, you have to escape by running, jumping, and running through forests and fire and water! Have to complete a whole new level! There are challenges to be completed in this!

And in this, each character gets different power! This game is loved by kids too! You can get the best score by playing well! Many people get to hear about the temple run game, you can play it offline comfortably!

Best offline games for Android #7. Subway Surfers

This is the most played game! Which has more than 1 Billion downloads so far, this is really a very interesting game! Which can be played offline! There are many characters like tony, Harumi, rex, jemmy, mina, etc. They have to escape from a cop and a dog and run away! One has to jump over the train in the railway tracks.

For this, you just get left, right, and jump on the screen with your fingers and some things like a jet pack, super shoe, coins, and super jump in between! Whatever helps for some time it can be played very easily! And you can win more coins by playing well! Kids love this game too!



In this blog, we told you about the best offline games for android most downloaded in 2020 i.e. millions of people liked by people! Hope after reading this blog you will also like to play these games on your Android smartphone!

is certain! That we can play all these games offline and spend our time with entertainment! If you have any thoughts and suggestions related to this post, then please let us know by commenting below and if you like the post, then definitely share this post with your friends.

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